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How Payble helped Energy On bring flexibility to their customers

March 24, 2023

Energy On has earned a strong reputation in the energy industry for honesty and transparency when dealing with its customers.  The Embedded Network Operator is on a customer transformation journey, and realised the recent Consumer Data Rights (CDR) in the Banking Industry could assist their customers with flexibility and automation..

"During the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, we had a significant increase of customers either in arrears or facing hardship."

Says Rosa Di Noto, Operations Manager at the retailer. For customers in a tricky spot, many demanded flexibility but didn't know how to initiate the process or felt the process and the possibility of hardship confronting. Customers sought flexibility but didn’t know how to initiate the process." she continues.

Payble is the answer to flexible payments. Through its platform, Energy On was quickly able to uplift its billing procedures without the need for complex technical changes. Existing customers could scan a unique QR Code on their bill and see flexible payment options already supported by Energy On.  New customers would also be afforded this benefit when signing up to the retailer. Payble bought this flexibility to the customers and helped remove the need to call and have that awkward and confronting phone call with a digital experience

Energy On Director, Clive Pearce, noted that

"A strong technology stack is the future for the energy industry, especially digital solutions that bring flexibility to consumers.  We chose Payble because they quickly demonstrated the value created to customers, and the platform’s ability to reduce costs and automate processes."

Clive also said,

"The rollout of the service was seamless. "

Energy On started by leveraging the Payble Biller Portal to action customer requests based on their business rules. They intend to adopt Payble's other unique features soon, such as smart alerts and sentiment campaigns, to further benefit their business operations and customer experience.

The initial launch was very successful with about 15% of invoices paid on time initiated through the Payble platform. It is expected to increase as the capability is rolled out to the entire customer base.

Energy On has received some great feedback from their customers, and is looking forward to adopting Payble’s expanding list of services.

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