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Payble delivers modern citizen-centric payment experiences that save local governments time and money

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Did you know?

Flexibility is being demanded, with complaints from unsatisfied consumers rising up to


since COVID-19 began.

Source: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers And Fair Trading Report (ACCC)

Unlock your 'invisible' ratepayers

95% of Australians feel financially stressed right now.

Requesting changes to payment dates or flexible payment options can be hard.

Your residents may continue to pay their rates, but but they may be experiencing anxiety and stress as a result?

Source: Canstar’s national sentiment checker survey

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City of Exampleton

Exampleton Local Government

  • Delinquencies expected to rise in FY22
  • Increase in service workload and manual processing
  • Complaints and dissatisfaction on the rise

With Payble councils can...

Get live insights

Create campaigns, and view results in real-time, understand sentiment and who may need rates assistance

Proactively engage

Proactively engage residents, prompting positive engagement, increased likelihood of payment and improved sentiment towards Council

Provide flexibility

Enable a world-class, customer-centric flexible payment experience to increase likelihood of payment and improve customer satisfaction

Increase resident satisfaction

By providing payment flexibility in a friendly and digital first way

Get more rates paid on time

Increase revenue, reduce collection costs and admin time with more on-time payments

Enable recurring card payments

No more PCI compliance risks, easily add recurring card or direct debit to your payment options

Easily integrated

Get started in days via API, batch or SFTP. Your IT team will be surprised at just how easy it is!

Understand and diagnose the financial needs of your residents

Payble helps councils identify which customers would benefit from further flexibility, before the rates notice is due.

Send quick pulse checks and SMS campaigns to ratepayers about their rates notices to gain insights and sentiment analysis.

Ability to provide flexible payment options and recurring card payments that work for their life-style.

Improve your payment experience and increase resident happiness with a proactive approach.

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Is Payble a preferred supplier for Local Government?

Yes - Local Governments can now engage Payble under the ICT Solutions & Services BUS274 Arrangement via Local Buy and VendorPanel.

Does Payble integrate with my CRM or billing software?

Integration is light. Payble has a set of APIs for integrating merchants via their existing billing system or bill process. The Payble team will work with each merchant to lower any effort of integration. There is also a version that requires no integration so you can get started immediately!

What is Payble?

Payble helps councils identify which residents would benefit from further flexibility, before the rates notice is due. We engage those residents digitally to offer friendly, flexible payment options at their convenience.

Our proactive approach improves customer satisfaction and significantly reduces the admin time and operational cost of missed payments and collections.

Who owns Payble?

Payble is backed by CommBank's x15ventures, and ASX-listed Identitii.

Is Payble secure?

Yes. Payble is a bank-grade secure application. It has been developed to meet the standards set out by the ACCC Open Banking regulations. In addition we are on the pathway of ISO27001 certification. All merchant and customer data is encrypted in transit with 256 bit SSL.

How do I contact Payble?

Simply complete the contact us forms on the website or email us directly at

Is Payble regulated?


The Australian Government has designed and oversees the Consumer Data Right regime to ensure it is safe and secure for consumers.

Providers must go through a rigorous process to become accredited to provide Consumer Data Right service. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) manages this process. 

The Federal Treasury is responsible for the overall program.

What does your brand represent?

Our brand brings many elements beyond our colours and logo but primarily, it should instil trust, flexibility, and ease of digital connection between businesses and their customers.

How much do late payments cost your business?

Missed and late payments cost you more than you realise. And that is just the financial costs. Launch our Calculator below to find out.

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