How smart councils use digital payment plans to proactively manage arrears | Best Practice Guide

This guide helps Australian councils design a strategy to manage arrears; featuring insights from the City of Greater Dandenong's transition.

How we put this together

This resource is developed through thorough research, data analysis, and collaboration with council leaders nationwide. We examined current council processes for managing payment plans and arrears, analysing quantitative data and insights from the Payble webinar with Greater Dandenong. This included identifying inefficiencies and financial implications, and leveraging qualitative insights from real-world experiences.

Significant Time and Cost Savings

Transitioning from manual to digital payment plans can save councils around 100 hours per month, reducing staff workload and operational costs.

Improved Payment Compliance

Digital payment plans have proven to be more effective, with Greater Dandenong achieving an 85% success rate in arrears management, compared to the typical 50-60% success rate with manual processes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering flexible, automated payment options and proactive engagement significantly improves the overall customer experience, making it easier for ratepayers to manage their payments and reducing the likelihood of arrears.

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