The Great Rates Disconnect

We engaged more than 100 local government rates professionals to with our ‘State of Rates 2023’ Survey. Complete submissions were received on behalf of 35 Local Governments and this data has been synthesised to generate this Report.

No individual or organisation was compensated for participation and each respondent was given the right to participate anonymously. The individuals and their opinions present in this report are displayed with such consent given.

Information was submitted by each participant via a digital survey and interpreted by Payble’s in-house research team.

How we put this together

We engaged more than 100 localgovernment rates professionals towith our ‘State of Rates 2023’Survey. Complete submissionswere received on behalf of 35Local Governments and this datahas been synthesised to generatethis Report.

No individual or organisation wascompensated for participationand each respondent was giventhe right to participateanonymously. The individuals andtheir opinions present in this reportare displayed with such consentgiven.

Information was submitted byeach participant via a digitalsurvey and interpreted byPayble’s in-house research team.

Plan for higher arrears levels in 2024

A comprehensive overview of the expected rise in arrears for 2024. Gain insights to ensure your council is well-prepared for the upcoming year.

Preparing your council

Insights into the concerns of rate leaders who believe that councils are unprepared for upcoming changes in the rates and revenue collection landscape. Explore their perspective on embracing new technologies to enhance operational efficiency.

Millions of dollars per year are lost in productivity

A deep dive into the factors contributing to the loss of millions of dollars in productivity within your local rates team and explore actionable solutions to improve efficiency.

Learn from experts

"In 2022-2023, rising arrears in Australian councils were driven by legislative changes and exacerbated by new challenges, including interest rate hikes and the end of COVID-19 support. Ratepayer satisfaction is mixed, with dissatisfaction growing. Councils are focusing on improving coordination between operational teams and senior executives to address these issues." - Mike Piritidis , Coordinator Rates and Revenue

"Using technology to reduce the need for repetitive tasks doesn't mean reducing people; their expertise shifts to more important areas of day to day operations." - Mark Reddy, Global Director Growth, Spend and Governance at Advanced

"Councils face challenges with old property and rating systems, including data issues and difficulty in communication. The lack of user-friendly portals limits payment flexibility. Despite needing updates, costs, fear of change, and few options hinder progress. Third-party solutions could significantly improve customer experience." - Sharon Bowman, Manager Technology and Transformation

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