Why Australians Could Face New Economic Pains in 2024

Dailius Wilson, Head of Digital Transformation, Economics, and Research, joins Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at Ray White, to delve into Australia's economic outlook for the remainder of 2024. They cover several key topics: Economic Forecasts, Housing Market Outlook, and Global Economic Influences.

How we put this together

We reached out to Nerida Conisbee, Ray White’s chief economist and a prominent figure in Australia’s property sector. With her extensive expertise, Nerida provided invaluable insights into Australia's economic trajectory for the latter half of 2024. Drawing from her role as a trusted commentator for various media platforms, including digital, print, television, and radio, as well as her contributions to Ray White’s publications like Ray White Now, Nerida's analysis forms the cornerstone of this comprehensive examination of Australia's economic outlook.

Economic Forecasts

Explore conflicting predictions with some experts forecasting a rate cut and others expecting an increase as inflationary pressures persist.

Will Australia's Housing Market Cool Down?

Examine the resilience of the Australian property market amidst global economic turbulence, with continued growth in house prices expected.- Understand the challenges in meeting the government's ambitious goal to build 1 million homes over the next five years.

How will the Global Economy Affect Australia in 2024

Understand how international events, including U.S. market losses and Middle East conflicts, could affect the Australian economy

Learn from experts

Nerida is Ray White’s chief economist and one of Australia’s leading property experts. She provides market commentary to a wide range of Australian media outlets across digital, print, television and radio. She also contributes to Ray White’s publications including Ray White Now. Nerida is the Chair of the Construction Forecasting Council and is a member of the Australian Taxation Office’s Foreign Investment Stakeholder Group. She also provides updates on property market conditions to major Government bodies. Nerida has more than 20 years of property research experience throughout Asia Pacific and has held senior positions within commercial agencies and major consulting firms during this time. Her experience covers residential and commercial property from both an investor and occupier’s perspective.

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