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Payble Partners with City of West Torrens to Win Local Government Award for Customer Experience

June 12, 2024

An Award Winning Partnership

Payble & The City of West Torrens have partnered together to build a new flexible payments solution for local ratepayers which was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Customer Experience Award at the recent 2024 Local Government Professionals South Australia Awards.

With the cost of living on the rise, the City of West Torrens engaged Payble to build a new solution for council rates which aimed to alleviate financial pressure on ratepayers by offering a more manageable and convenient way to pay.

Released last year, a key feature of the new system is the issuance of a unique QR code on each rate statement, enabling ratepayers to easily access their individual assessment details. This seamless process allows residents to update their contact information and select a preferred payment option, making it significantly easier for them to manage their finances.

Unlike many local government bodies across Australia, where flexible payment options must be manually requested, the City of West Torrens now offers a self-service solution that empowers all ratepayers to choose their payment terms. This proactive approach includes sending SMS notifications to remind residents of upcoming due dates and providing alternative payment options without the need for manual intervention.

In just the first six months of operation, over 2,300 ratepayers, representing approximately 7.2% of the total ratepayer base, have registered for the service. These residents now enjoy the flexibility to pay their rates on a schedule that suits them—whether weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or another preferred timeframe. By making smaller, more frequent payments, they can avoid the stress and anxiety often associated with larger, less frequent bills.

The City of West Torrens’ commitment to reducing financial stress for its citizens through the innovative use of Payble’s digital payment system has set a new standard in customer experience for local governments nationwide.

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