Best Practices for Infringement Management - A Guide for VIC councils

This webinar delves into the current labor-intensive methods councils use for handling infringements, from issuing fines and managing payment plans to addressing unpaid fines through Fines Victoria.

What you will get

Manual Payment Plans

Managing payment arrangements internally is labor-intensive, often requiring 400 to 800 hours annually, with a 40% failure rate.

Lodgment with FinesVictoria

Councils pay an upfront fee to FinesVictoria, but only 30-40% of infringements are paid within 12 months, leading to delayed revenue and additional costs.

Proactive Management

Councils can recover more fines directly by adopting new technology, reducing reliance on Fines Victoria, and improving cash flow and cost efficiency.

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Read this 2 minute guide

This guide covers best practices in infringement best practices for local government

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