Offer payment flexibility to your residents

Solutions for digital direct debit

Prompt residents to set up flexible payment plans all through their mobile phone. No more paper forms. Start offering a slick digital experience and collect more revenue on time with a proactive approach to receivables.

No more double-handing request forms – residents can automatically create direct debit or recurring payment schedules through their mobile phone.

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Integrations with...

No more..

Paper forms
Online PDFs storing card or bank data
Manual processing and data entry in your backend systems
Mistakes returned to customer for completion
Clunky customer experience having to download, complete then email or scan

Using Payble vs. other payment methods

Over 98% of Payments setup via Payble were paid by their due date. This compares with only 87% of accounts using other payment methods

Source: Energy Retailer, VIC


  • Payble provides Council with a world-class flexible payment experience for rate payers
  • Ratepayers can scan a QR code on a rates notice or from receiving SMS or email communications to set up a payment schedule or pay in full by card or bank account
  • Integrate with your existing payment gateway or we can bundle one for you
  • A slick biller/admin portal with a real-time timeline of interactions with residents

What you get...

Standard Benefits:

A digital checkout like experience designed for people living in 2022 to increase customer satisfaction
No more re-keying or manual processes from paper forms saving time and operational costs
Increase customer happiness with recurring card payments without internal PCI-DSS compliance required
Collect more rates revenue on time and reduce failed or late payments

Why we are different...

Transformational Benefits:

A slick admin portal for staff to view a timeline of customer interactions in real-time
Ability for residents to skip, or edit a payment instalment, rebalancing their payment schedule automatically
A friendly, proactive, digital, self-service customer experience
Automated proactive payment repair with smart retries and notifications
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