Proactively Engage your residents

Solutions for digital event reminders and notifications

Issue digital event reminders such as rates payments due, bin reminders, and information on other community events.

Confidently send via SMS or Email with real-time tracking and analysis.

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Integrations with...

No more..

Sending paper letters by post
Operators customising SMSs
Operator outbound calling
Inbound calls and questions
Disengaged residents

SMS is an effective engagement tool...

The SMS open rate is close to 98%, a whopping 390 percent more compared to emails. Further, 90% of texts are read within three minutes of sending

Source: MessageMedia


  • Engage your community with digital event reminders for any council matter

    - Weekly bin reminders
    - Emergency notifications
    - Roadworks near by
    - Payments nearing due date
  • A slick biller/admin portal with a real-time timeline of interactions with residents
  • Real-time distribution of communications and audit trail

What you get...

Standard Benefits:

Increase customer satisfaction with better communications or notifications on relevant matters
Reduce costs of other communications by targeting different residents for different purposes (beyond rates)
Ensure your community have read or received important communications through a clear audit trail
An updated NAR based on residents communication preferences

Why we are different...

Transformational Benefits:

Keep your NAR up to date with prompts when subscribing to particular event notifications
One simple centralised tool for engaging residents at scale
A friendly, proactive, digital self-service customer experience
Confidently know that 90% of your residents will read the notifications within 3-minutes of sending
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