Increase revenue and customer satisfaction

Solutions for proactive and automated payment repair

Improve customer experience and increase your receivables with a slick digital solution to automate repair. Our proactive approach to repair helps Councils identify who is at risk of missing a payment before it is due.

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Integrations with...

No more..

Sending follow-up letters in the post
Operators customising SMSs
Awkward outbound calling
Receiving angry inbound calls or visits
Debt collectors knocking at the door

On chasing failed payments and arrears...

We would estimate that the cost of a failed payment or customer in arrears starts from $22.50 per account.

Source: Metropolitan LGA, VIC


  • Ratepayers can now set up, view, and manage rates payments through their mobile phone
  • Smart reminders and notifications keeping residents informed of upcoming instalments or changes to their payment schedule
  • Avoid the confronting situation of dealing with someone in financial hardship through a friendly digital experience

What you get...

Standard Benefits:

Improve customer satisfaction by bringing rates notices and flexible payments into one seamless experience
No more re-keying or manual processes from paper forms saving time and operational costs
Fewer calls or visits to the Service Centre with digital self-service customer portal and smart notifications
Collect more rates revenue on time and reduce failed or late payments

Why we are different...

Transformational Benefits:

Ability for residents to skip, or manage a payment arrangement and we rebalance their payment schedule automatically
A friendly, proactive, digital, self-service customer experience
Automated proactive payment repair with smart retries and notifications
Reduce the number of customers in collections
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