Good data hygiene

Solutions for capturing and verifying resident details

You can improve your NAR as your residents subscribe to digital event reminders such as rates payments due, bin reminders, and information on other community events.

Confidently send via SMS or Email with real-time tracking and analysis.

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Integrations with...

No more..

Disengaged residents
Paper notifications that end up in landfill
Manual processing and data entry in backend
Customer complaints about not receiving important information
Important information going to the wrong person or address

On lack of quality NAR data...

We would love to promote and use digital but the biggest problem for us (and perhaps for many councils as well) is that we do not have the email addresses or mobile numbers for many of our customers.

Source: Local Government Representative, NSW


  • Residents can subscribe to certain event notifications as they update your NAR
  • Prompt users to update their contact details when they interact with the platform
  • Manage the notification preferences of your community
  • Verify your residents bank accounts through secure Open Banking verification

What you get...

Standard Benefits:

Improve your NAR data quality
Reduce paper wastage with return or unread mail
Ensure residents are informed with important communications
Real-time reporting and distribution of information

Why we are different...

Transformational Benefits:

Collect more rates revenue on time and reduce failed or late payments
Align with your councils digital strategies
Reduce fraud with our secure Open Banking account verification
Trusted account verification based on our Consumer Data Right accreditation
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